Maintenance Facility Build Diary


Week 1

Week 2
For week 2, Richard has started the scenery process and the building locations have been marked.

Week 3
For week 3, Richard installed the track feeds for each of the isolated blocks.

Week 4
And here is the progress for week 4. In these pictures, Richard has started adding buildings and ballasting the sidings.

Week 5

For week 5, Richard continued working on the ballast and the scenery.

In this picture, you can see a close-up of the nearly added undergrowth.

In the center of this picture, we have covered the new electrical receptacles to minimize the possible issues with the ballast and scenery materials.

In this picture and the next, Richard has been preparing the area (upper right hand corner) for the engine house.

Week 6

In this picture, you can see a closeup of the control building foundation with the receptacles covered in blue tap.

Here is a picture of the roof with the hinges installed.

Week 7

Week 7: Richard has continued working on the building which will contain the control electronics.

Week 8

Week 8: Here is the progress for week 8. Richard has finished working on the control panel building.

Week 9

Here is the progress for week 9. In these pictures, you can see a closeup of some scenery that Richard is working on.

Week 10

And here are the photos for week 10. In these pictures, Richard shows some of the repair work on the engine shed.

In this photo and the next two, you can see the repaired windows.